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What if I told you most salespeople are infected with a ‘sales repellent virus’ and this ‘virus’ has been Imagehanded out, usually unknowingly, for free, for years, by their companies, sales managers and sales trainers? Even more importantly, when a salesperson is left alone they catch this ‘sales repellent virus’ and even help spread it themselves.  What if I told you when economic conditions get tougher the strength of the ‘sales repellent virus’ increases and more is handed out? Most people in the profession of sales think…’Not me, I’m couldn’t be infected with this virus’…but this virus has been growing for several decades and if it isn’t treated with the ‘sales attraction potion’ it will eventually make salespeople extinct.

The result of the majority of salespeople having the ‘sales repellent virus’ for many years now is that selling has become more difficult and the relationship between salespeople and consumers has become damaged. In fact this relationship is so dysfunctional people don’t want to talk to salespeople and salespeople think ‘buyers are liars’. With most salespeople infected with the ‘sales repellent virus’ consumers have become conditioned to avoid salespeople whenever possible and only engage when they have to.  The most common responses to becoming aware of this ‘virus’ is, “What are you talking about?”, and “How can I make sure I don’t have it or spread it?”

What if you became aware that there was an antidote, a ‘sales attraction potion’ you could take to prepare yourself to meet people when you’re selling. This ‘potion’, when taken, allows a person to relax, open up and engage a salesperson. In short, it attracts people to salespeople and allows them to connect. When this connection happens, the opportunity for real dialogue and conversation is possible. This connection allows the engagement and dialogue that sales managers, salespeople and sales trainers have been trying to make happen for years. This ‘potion’ and the connection it allows to happen, is necessary if consumers are to get what they want and enable a business is to grow.

ImageWhat if I told you this ‘potion’ has been around for years and really works?  You’d be first in line. “Sign me up”, and “Where do I get more?” are the most common responses. The cynical salesperson wants to know how much it costs. What if I told you it’s free and the supply is unlimited? Well, guess what, it’s real, you can take it all the time and it will not only increase your sales, it will change your life.

Remember, the supply of ‘sales attraction potion’ is unlimited and free! However, even when you know what it is and how to use it, you’ll have to take it every day and you’ll have to keep taking it every time you engage someone in a sales conversation. In short, the ‘sales attraction potion’ is simple to use but wear off easily because other people will be trying to give you the ‘sales repellent virus’. This usually happens unknowingly and if you aren’t careful it’s easy to catch this virus!

By now, I know you’re ready for the active ingredient…The ingredient that causes the ‘potion’ to attract and the ‘virus’ to repel, is a salespersons’ intention when engaging consumers. Before a salesperson opens their mouth to speak, their intentions are felt (like the scent of a potion) by the consumer. The consumer then decides unknowingly, preconscious, to connect or avoid the salesperson. The salesperson’s intentions create their demeanor, presence and attitudes and cannot be faked. What the consumer feels or reads is the genuine intention from the salesperson.

The effects of the active ingredient in the ‘virus’ the salesperson has is evident when consumers avoid talking to or opening up even when salespeople ask good questions and genuinely cares about the people they are trying to sell but is infected with the ‘virus’.

‘Trying to sell’ is the active ingredient in the ‘sales repellent virus’. The ‘virus’ even sabotages skilled salespeople who believe in their product and company, care about the consumer, but unknowingly are infected! Even they will repel people more often than they attract them. You can’t hide the virus from people…it is always showing!

The best example of the effects of the ‘sales repellent virus’ or intention to sell, can be witnessed in a new home sales office when watching the interaction between consumers and salespeople. If there is a salesperson and a temp in the sales office and a consumer comes in, they will most often engage the temp and avoid speaking to the salesperson. I’ve personally witnessed this and over the years had many new home salespeople confirm this behavior by consumers.  It’s amazingly interesting that the consumer is attracted by the ‘sales attraction potion’ the temp has taken or repelled by the ‘virus’ salesperson is infected with. The consumer will engage the person that is not infected with the ‘virus’ that contains the intention ‘to sell them something’.

Most companies, sales managers and sales trainers want salespeople to say the right things to create a better conversation with consumers.  They want and teach salespeople to ask better questions and be better listeners. The problem is, when salespeople try to do this, while infected with the ‘sales repellent virus’, consumers won’t engage them and the engagement or conversation stalls.  As long as a salesperson is infected with the ‘virus’, sales will continue to be difficult and the relationship between consumers and salespeople will grow more dysfunctional. In short, people will keep avoiding salespeople until they become extinct.

The active ingredient in the ‘sales attraction potion’ is the intention to help, serve and do what’s best for the consumer. The intention to make customers, not sales, is the missing ingredient and cannot co-exist with the intention to sell. In fact, I’m convinced the intention to sell is the spoiled version of the intention to make a customer. The ‘virus’ wasn’t and never has been anyone intention to spread. It just mutated over the years from paying to much attention to the desired results companies, sales managers, salespeople and sales trainers wanted to create, instead of paying attention to what would create the results. Too much concern over what we want and not enough concern over what customers want. It’s also obvious that in a difficult economy we spend more time worrying and obsessing over the numbers and less time concerned about the customers concerns so the effects of the ‘virus’ worsen and spread.

When the ‘sales attraction potion’ is taken, the missing link in the sales conversation happens…a connection between the salesperson and the consumer. This connection causes or allows a conversation or real dialogue to take place so a healthy relationship can begin. This is the power of the ‘sales attraction potion’; it makes the consumer/salesperson connection happen and allows the other ingredients in the ‘sales potion’ to be used to best serve the consumer.

The steps of a sale, which have been taught for many years in various forms, only happen when this connection is made. Consumers only engage salespeople who have taken the ‘sales attraction potion’.  When the connection is made, people are served, customers are made and sales increase while business grows. After taking the ‘sales attraction potion’, salespeople are free to enjoy the profession of selling as the noble profession of service it was intended to be.

Whether you have taken the ‘potion’ and whether companies encourage their salespeople to take the ‘potion’ will determine your sales success!  Keep handing out the ‘virus’ and you will keep struggling to make customers.

Intention is the active ingredient in the ‘potion’ that attracts consumers. It is the ingredient that leads to your sales success! For more information on how to make and take the ‘sales attraction potion’ and recover from the ‘virus’, follow me at…

By Mike Moore

Peak performers who successfully achieve their goals or reach the position in life they were pursing, often become comfortable. After reaching a comfort zone, familiarity sets in and breeds boredom which reduces enthusiasm.  This comfort and boredom causes peak performers to stop being curious, learning, growing and pursuing new challenges and achievements.  Comfort isn’t usually the primary goal of peak performers but sneaks in to sabotage future achievements.

We’ve all experienced people who seemed to be comfortable with the status quo even though they talk about wanting better results. Often, these people havebeen peak performers. These same people can agree it’s time for change but go back to what’s familiar and even begin to dig in and fight the change that could create the better results they say they want.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” The crazy thing is that people will choose the easy way, or path of least resistance, and expect exceptional results.  The real challenge lies in rejecting the natural desire to seek comfort and to start pursuing constant change, growth and improvement. It’s really an issue of becoming comfortable with the unfamiliar and staying outside your comfort zone.

Studies have shown people will fight to stay in an unhappy situation rather than move into an unfamiliar or unknown situation that could bring them happiness. It’s giving in to these natural desires for comfort and familiarity that makes most people produce mediocre results. They are the drivers of average behavior. They are the enemies of peak performance.

People are naturally more motivated by discomfort than by the desire to improve. People seek improvement until they are comfortable and then they resist change with the same energy they pursued comfort. Coach John Wooden said, “When you think you’re through learning, you’re through.”  The most deadly words in the world are, ‘I know that’,  because the next thing someone does after they think or say those words is to stop listening, reading or learning.

When things get tough and change is needed, comfort often motivates people to ‘hunker down’ and ‘wait’ until things get better rather than taking actions and looking for alternatives to make things better.  People don’t achieve their goals that make them comfortable with this dig in and don’t change mentality .  Rather, they only stopped moving forward, being innovative thinkers and advocates for change after they achieved their personal goals and reached their comfort level.

When bright, aggressive people who were able to achieve their goals start to ‘hunker down’ and ‘wait’ rather than pursuing their next achievement, it is most definitely a sign of comfort or fear of the unknown. This is a natural cycle that has to be overcome to sustain long term peak performance.

Peak performers treat comfort as a plateau to be reached. They see them as a pause or place to begin moving forward to their next achievement and opportunity to reach new heights. Peak performers keep climbing because they know if they don’t they risk falling becasue fighting to maintain your comfort level is a recipe for unhappiness and failure.

When the time comes that you’d rather be comfortable more than to pursue change, grow and improve, you are at risk of losing what you are so comfortable having.  It’s

learn, change and grow or begin dying, whether in life or in business. For peak performers, the choice is simple, even though it’s not easy. Peak performers change directions and start again with new enthusiasm.

Peak performers are energized by change.  They view resistance to change as painful, not the change itself. Peak performers are great competitors. Great competitors usually lose the will to prepare before they lose the desire to perform. When this happens, performance suffers. Too often, people get comfortable with their past achievements or the position they hold and it creates an unwillingness to embrace the changes needed for them to move forward to new accomplishments.

We are facing unprecedented challenges today and new thinking, attitudes and skills are needed to achieve peak performance. The exciting news is it’s an interesting time to live and work. The challenge is letting go of past success and starting over without allowing your existing knowledge and experience to get in the way of learning new things.

There really isn’t a risk in letting your comfort go because it’s almost impossible to maintain it without change, growth and improvement. Holding on to comfort is like holding water in your hands, it will eventually evaporate, won’t allow you to use your hands for anything else and it’s easier to just find new water when you need it.

A peak performers exercise is to set aside a few minutes each day to suspend what you defend. Set aside your beliefs, knowledge and experience while you attempt to learn something that is unfamiliar or unknown. This can even be looking at what you’ve been resisting, take the other side and try to argue its validity to yourself…Just give yourself a few moments to not be defensive and protect your position to see what’s possible.

Peak performers re-energize by embracing change and stretching themselves outside their comfort zones.  Be careful that the attitude and strategy to ‘hunker down’ and “‘wait’ for things to improve doesn’t sneak in. Be careful you don’t start hiding behind the idea of going, ‘back to basics’ to maintain your existing comfort plateau.  Going back in today’s world is usually a bad strategy. This isn’t the thinking that made you a peak performer in the first place, led to your past success nor will it play any part in your future success.

In the pursuit of peak performance you’ll have to stop pursuing comfort, resisting change and holding on to your status quo. Instead, you’ll need to challenge yourself to think without limits and become a change agent whose pursuit is achieving all that’s possible. Remember your goals are to be plateaus, not destinations and keep pursuing all that’s possible.

By Mike Moore