THE MAKING CUSTOMERS SERIES are the courses, seminars and coaching sessions developed by Mike Moore for Home Builders, Design Centers, Sub-Contractors, Vendors, Suppliers, Floor Covering, Home Improvement and Retail Companies. The course include education and training for executives, sales managers, salespeople, customer service and operations people. Mike wrote and recorded the first Making Customers course in 1996 and has continued to update and develop the series to meet today’s challenging and ever changing economic environment.

Mike has 40 years experience in retailing, floor covering, design center and home building and has been speaking, training and coaching these industry as a motivational speaker, leadership and peak performance coach full time for more than 20 years. He also possesses a practical knowledge and experience in developing and implementing the use of technology in these industries.


New Home Retailing

Finished Home Design

Floor Fashion Selling

The Sales Journey…Becoming The Buyers Guide

Becoming the Preferred Sub-Contractor Or Vendor

Selling In The Social Age

Technology In The Sales Process

Keeping Customers Takes More than Customer Service

These courses include transformational training and coaching featuring the intentions changes to heal the dysfunctional buyer and seller relationship. It also includes the attitudes, skills and actions to connect and communicate creating increased sales and sustainable growth for you and your business. The sessions also include how to successfully integrate the use of technology and social networks to engage and relate with people today and in the coming age of business.

“We’re experiencing a transition to an employee first age of business, that will create customer first companies, more than an economic cycle or a recession! Traditional business leadership and sales processes taught and practiced over the past few decades won’t be enough to generate the relationships needed to succeed or sustain growth in this ‘new economy’. The good news is, with a shift in intentions, new communication skills and a healthy buyer and seller relationship, the best is yet to come.” Mike Moore

“Mike’s, Making Customers, keynotes, seminars and coaching sessions educate and energize employees, create customer loyalty and result in increased revenue, higher profit margins and sustainable business growth.” Nancy Giangeruso, Vice President Design Centers, William Lyon Homes

“Mike Moore has been an invaluable consultant to our company. His influence has directly impacted our success in sales and customer satisfaction. Mike’s approach appeals to our conscience because he reinforces what we already know deep inside. It’s just pure and simple truth that comes across very profound, because it is often lacking in today’s sales programs. Mike gives us practical ways to add value to every relationship we have, from our families to our customers. Therefore it is not only practical information but inspiring as well. We use Mike’s program for all departments not just our sales team. We highly recommend Mike for any company and for any industry! “Jeff Golden Sales Manager The New Home Company and Principal Golden Home Building and Real Estate Consultants

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