Click Here For Client Comments

Click Here For Client Comments

My life’s passion has been to learn, grow and improve while helping others do the same. I do this as a leadership and peak performance coach.

I bring a practical perspective, insights and understanding of people to my keynotes, seminars, coaching sessions and consulting that helps me connect with people to generate rapid improvement.

Coaching and teaching is in my blood, my father was a football coach who prepared me to lead and coach people. I chose to use the lessons I learned and my lifelong study of leadership and peak performance to create programs and courses that help people learn, grow and improve to reach their peak performance.

My leadership and peak performance coaching generates positive change for any business or individual and I have over 30 years experience in the home building, design center, sub-contractor or supplier, home improvement and floor covering industries.

I’ve been called a thought leader and a futurist because I began speaking and teaching about the use of the internet, technology and mobile communication in business and the customer engagement in 1993 and co-founded Options Online in 1996.

I’m currently writing 3 books, Locker Room Leadership, Tips and Traits of Peak Performers and Making Customers…Selling In The Social Age.

My clients have included a ‘Who’s Who of Industry Leaders’, The New Home Company, William Lyon, Standard Pacific, Irvine Pacific, Pardee, Warmington, Olson and John Laing Homes, DR Horton, Laing Luxury, Emaar, Taylor Woodrow, Pacific Communities, Randy Wise Homes, Evergreen Company, Chateau Interiors, @The Design Studio, Fuse Flooring Alliance, JW Flooring, Petersen Dean, Eagle Roofing, Flooring Resource, Commercial Interiors Resource, Karndean, Shaw, Mohawk, Allied & DuPont.

I’m also a regularly featured speaker at corporate retreats and events, along with conventions, association meetings, trade show and industry events.


Moore Leadership & Peak Performance

  • Locker Room Leadership…The Tale Of A Coach’s Son
  • Employee First Leadership…Customer First Companies
  • Sales Management…A Coach’s Touch
  • Responsible Communication…Personality Types, Learning Styles and Values
  • Tips & Traits of Peak Performers
  • Life & Other Tough Assignments
  • When Winning Isn’t Everything
  • Building You…Thinking Inside The Box

The Making Customers Series

  • New Home Retailing
  • Finished Home Design
  • Floor Fashion Selling
  • The Sales Journey…Becoming The Buyers Guide
  • Selling To & Doing Business With Homebuilders
  • Selling In The Social Age
  • Technology In The Sales Process
  • Keeping Customers…More Than Just Customer Service

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