Selling is a journey and not a process or something to be done to or even for people. Selling must be done with people after a connection of trust and confidence is made. When selling is practiced as a process people resist or are reluctant to participate. The connection needed to help, serve and do what’s best for the buyer is lost or never made at all when you are trying to take them through your sales process.

Become The Buyers Guide

To be a successful salesperson you’ll need to sell with people, because selling is a journey…The buyer’s journey or their process. So, the first step in selling is being invited to be the buyer’s guide. To do this you’ll have to connect with them so they feel confident enough to invite you and that requires you to be a likable, trustworthy, expert.

Most people admit that when they go shopping for anything that cost more than a few hundred dollars they’ve already decide to buy…They just want help confirming their decision and a better understanding of what to expect after they buy it.

The Question…Why would the buyer invite you to be their guide on their journey or buying process?

The Answer…Trust and aligned intentions, and they can be achieved by taking the next 7 steps.

1) Be mindful that they choose you to be their guide. It’s not up to you but their decision will be based on your attitude, actions and skills…’your behavior’. Most importantly, all of these are driven by your intentions. Once they do choose you, you’ll have to keep earning their trust and confidence by being a ‘good guide’ that puts their issues before yours. If your intention is to sell them, they won’t trust you enough to allow you to guide them. If your intention is to guide them to what’s best for them…they’ll allow you the privilege of being their guide.

2) How do you know you are the guide…Trust your instincts…Are they following your instructions, advice and direction? Listen, watch and feel for any sign they aren’t moving with you and…

3) When they aren’t moving with you, you have to reconnect…You reconnect by asking what’s wrong or where you got off course to uncover why you lost them and get back on their journey…Why are we not moving in the same direction? Remember it’s about serving people not trying to please them…It’s about their issues and next step, not yours. It’s about their reasons they are buying, not yours.

4) Remember, sometimes you aren’t the right guide for them but that should never be more than 15% to 20% of the time…80% to 85% of the people you have an opportunity to do business with can and will choose you as their guide if you make their ‘why’ they’ll buy, more important than yours (making a sale). Then you can find out if what you’re selling is best for them…the destination where they want to end their journey.

5) It’s imperative to understand you’ll only know their ‘why they’ll buy’ and be able to guide them if you stay connected, so they feel comfortable communicating openly and honestly with you and this happens when you align your intention with theirs…They won’t open up and share if they don’t trust your intentions.

6) Like any guide…it’s your job to safely guide them to the final destination they want. When it isn’t going that way, engage them as to why you aren’t in the same place but remember it’s not your job to choose the destination just guide them to theirs. Remind them you’re there to help them but it’s got to be more than words, it has to be your real intention to help, serve and do what’s best for them or they will feel your insincerity and disconnect.

7) Keep moving in the same direction, stay at the same destination with them until they are ready to move. Buying isn’t always a smooth journey, as we all know, but if you keep coming back to their destination each time it feels like you aren’t connected, then you can help them reach their final destination more often. Make them a customer, not just a sale, and making customers will increase your sales.

By Mike Moore


  1. Thank you Mike – keep up the hard work, I read your inspirational comments daily on Linkedin!
    Best, Jennifer Paris

  2. Mureed Abbas says:

    Nice Article I am sales person and always refresh myself through creative contents 🙂 Keep it up

  3. Awesome! always helpful info Mike. Thanks!

  4. Awesome! Good information as always Mike. Thanks

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