ABC of Selling

Old Methods Don’t Work!

The traditional selling process, led by the intention to make a sale, damages the connection and communication between buyers and sellers. In fact, it creates what phycologists call retractance.  It makes people shut down, pull back and avoid those trying to persuade them to buy their product or service. Selling happens when buyers connect with a salesperson and invite them to be their guide on their buying journey.

The steps of a sale that have been traditionally taught, happen during a buying process, not a selling process. The steps are taken by the buyer when they’re served by a salesperson with the intention to help, serve and do what’s best for them. The salesperson’s intention is what was missed when salespeople learn to sell as a process. It’s what opens or closes the door to their communication with buyers.

Selling, as most salespeople have learned it, is based on following a process which isn’t the most effective way to sell. It leaves the buyer’s participation out of the equation. Selling isn’t a process to be done to buyers, it’s much more effective to join the buyer in their buying process buy aligning your intentions with their. They want to be served, they want help and they want to do business with someone who wants to do what’s best for them, instead of just wanting to make a sale.

Most sales processes are models of what top salespeople do, but what they do happens because they have the right intention. The right intention opens the connection and communication. This intention that holds so much power, is to help, serve and do what’s best for the buyer.

Intention DefinitionThe missing link in the traditional sales process and training is the salesperson’s intention when they engage buyers. Intention is the greatest tool a salesperson has and it communicates so loudly that people don’t hear or believe most of what salespeople say. At least not until they feel their intention is to truly help them, even above making a sale.

When salespeople understand selling is about the buyer not the seller, product or service, then they get invited to be the buyer’s guide and the steps of a sale happen naturally. The steps of a sale are more of a map or indicator, than a process. Traditional selling mapped those steps but left out what made them happen…the salesperson’s intention. The intention communicates with buyers and moves them to trust, open up and share with the salesperson. This results in more sales being made.

People shopping want help. They just don’t believe they get it from salespeople today because their dominant intention is to make a sale. Companies and sales managers sabotage their salespeople by instilling in them the intention to make a sale when they engage a buyer. Ultimately, everyone loses!

People aren’t wrong about salespeople. Salespeople will tell anyone who asks, that their main intention when talking to a buyer, is to make a sale. After they make a sale, their intention is to make another sale. People feel this and know that’s what salespeople are about today.

Top salespeople figure out that selling is a service and customers are more valuable than sales. The right intention makes connecting with buyers happen and becomes the salesperson’s greatest selling tool!

By Mike Moore

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