A Sales Mindset That Changes Everything

Posted: September 12, 2016 in Making Customers

I’ve been studying mindsets, attitudes and beliefs that power peak performance for over 45 years. During that time I’ve learned many lessons on what limits people’s performance and what motivates people to become extraordinary producers of excellence. Recently while doing a keynote speech and conducting a sales rally at a home building conference, I uncovered just such a mindset in new home salespeople. This led me to do more research, interviews and surveys of top salespeople and what I discovered is career changing for any salesperson. I uncovered a mindset that only the top 4% of new home salespeople possess. This mindset can be instilled or adjusted to unleash amazing new results, especially for veteran sales professionals, and it doesn’t take a lot of practice, it just requires the self-awareness to be honest with yourself and maintain this mindset.

Before I reveal the mindset I uncovered and turn you loose to take advantage of its remarkable transforming power, I want to first talk about the power of mindsets for any of you that might be skeptical about their power. Much of the newest research about mindsets focuses on fixed vs. growth mindsets and the difference they make in people’s ability to face difficult challenges, develop solutions to obstacles or overcome adversity to become successful. In fact, this growth mindset is a key factor in people we consider successful, experts, in every field, while the fixed mindset limits people’s ability to face difficulties and deal with the obstacles that are sure to precede any significant achievement.

The research is clear about the power your mindsets have and their importance in your success. So, what is this mindset that salespeople have or need to adjust? Well, top salespeople deal with rejection and problems on a daily basis and their effect can often jade their mindsets or beliefs about the people they sell to. Research has also uncovered that we’re all wired to remember the negative things that happen to us, so the more experience a salesperson has, the more negative situations they remember, the less they tend to trust, respect and believe in their customers ability to make good decisions.

During the Sales Rally and following research, when I asked several hundred salespeople if they respected their customersabout-tokens-4 ability to make good decisions the vast majority admitted they did not. In fact, only the top 4% of salespeople said they did. At the core of my own sales success and those I have taught, trained, coached and observed over the past 40 years has been a mindset of respect for the customer’s ability to make good decisions. The decisions that were best for them and in their own best interest. This mindset, or belief, drives salespeople be more open, honest and direct in communicating the consequences of their decisions, not just share information.

The real discovery is how the lack of respect for the customer’s decision-making ability restricts the salespersons conversation with prospective customers. Salespeople admitted they didn’t share the consequences of what they new to be poor decisions by the prospect. Instead they continued in presentation mode, spewing features, advantages and benefits hoping the prospective customer would choose their product. In short, they tried to persuade the buyer instead of appealing to their decision-making abilities by sharing the good and bad consequences or outcomes of their decisions. Armed with a healthy respect for the intelligence and decision making ability of the people they sell to, salespeople stop presenting to, and start communicating with people in real conversations that build mutual respect and trust. In these real conversations, instead of stale sales presentations, salespeople openly shared both the positive and negative consequences of decisions that needed to be made. Then, they found that people opened up and shared more freely with them, allowing these top 4% of salespeople to better help, serve and guide people to decision that would be best for them. More sales, loyal customers and increased buyer satisfaction…Now that’s a win, win, win!handshake-respect

There are several key mindsets that top salespeople possess and average salespeople lack, but this is the beginning, the one with the transforming power to create rapid improvement and produce the most significant, immediate, results. It also has the power to renew a veteran salesperson’s energy and enthusiasm, which will unleash their skills, allow them to use their experience in positive ways and revitalize their sales.

This is also a mindset that cannot be worked around but must become a core value if you want to maximize your skills, abilities and experience to become a peak performing salesperson. Remember only the top 4% of salespeople have, and maintain, this mindset. So, check your negative experiences at the door and pick up a healthy dose of respect for your prospective customers decision making ability. Then, you’ll begin building mutual respect, trust and be invited to help them make decisions that will be best for them and increase your sales, make customers and turn your sales job into a professional sales career.

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