Sales Leaders…It’s time to challenge your status quo. It’s time to look in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘Why is the buyer and seller relationship so dysfunctional?’. 

I’m finding that most executives, sales managers and salespeople are in such deep rooted routines that they are suffering from tunnel vision. Even when they accept that the traditional methods of selling have damaged the relationship between buyers and sellers, they can’t break their routines or overcome the status quo they’ve created. The status quo has to be overcome if positive change is to be experienced. It’s a critical time and we need to start producing a new relationship that will better serve both the buyer and the seller.

If we keep doing what we’ve been doing, the way we’ve been doing it, we won’t experience positive change. In fact, with all the economic factors, we can expect near disastrous results. The core motive of business and selling needs to shift if the actions of salespeople are going to change enough to be noticeable by buyers.

The traditional method of implementing a sales process just won’t effect enough positive change.  Selling has been taught as a process that was modeled after top producing salespeople, with one missing ingredient…their motives and intentions. If you want to implement a successful sales process, teach the driving motives and intentions of these top performers. Stop trying to teach them how they sell.  Instead, teach them why they sell and they’ll engage and interact with the buyer like a top performer.

The intentions and motives of top salespeople aren’t to sell the buyer. Persuasion makes people retract. Ask any    psychologist. Top performers know that sales are a result, not the goal.  They care enough about the buyer that they want what’s best for them. They aren’t focused on the transaction, so closing isn’t a big deal. They are focused on making customers, not just sales, so they focus on the buyers ownership experience, not the buying experience. This gives them the courage to be open, honest and direct. They serve people and sales happen. These are the motives and intentions that can change salespeople’s behavior and dramatically change their results.

It’s time for sales leaders to rise up, take a stand and start helping their salespeople shift their motives and intentions to create passionate salespeople on a mission to serve buyers that will shine a positive light on the buyer and seller relationship.


  1. standardofttrust says:

    We need to breakout of our business development routine and get into our “UNCOMFORT ZONE”. This is where positive interactions and positive outcomes occur!

  2. standardofttrust says:

    We need to exit our business development routine and enter our “UNCOMFORT ZONE”! This is where the positive interactions and outcomes occur.

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