Everyday, salespeople show up to their sales appointments and when a prospect asks,”Why should I buy from you?”, they make a feature, advantage, benefit presentation, explain their companies unique selling proposition or tell them why they are the best choice. When this same prospective buyer ask their competitor, “Why should I buy from you?”, the competitors salesperson does and says the same things.

If you want to increase sales, you’ll have to be different from your competitors. You need to look, sound and act different if you want prospective customers to believe you’re different. Businesses selling the same products have to guard against falling into the same routines as their competitors. It’s natural for people doing the same job, with the same human nature, to do the job the same way. That’s the problem, it’s natural. You’ll have to work at not doing what comes naturally if you want to compete, win and increase your sales.

Here’s three ways to separate yourself from your competition, increase sales and grow your business.

Change Your Intentions

Since most salespeople go to work to make sales, and this drives their behavior, change your intentions to making customers, not sales. This will move your focus from your company, products and services, to your customer. It will make you a better listener, slow you down and change your answer to the question, “Why should I buy from you?” You won’t be eager to make a presentation, instead you’ll want to know more about what your prospect wants to accomplish. You’ll start doing business with people instead of just trying to sell them. Since we get what we focus on, you’ll start making customers instead of just sales and your customers will make you more sales.

Change Your Routines

Make sure you stop trying to find the easiest way to do your job. Stop working to be comfortable and start making changes to your routine. In fact, make change a habit. When you get into a routine that feels comfortable and easy, it’s usually the same routine your competitor is in. It’ll make you look, act and sound the same. Change your routine by looking for the best way to do your job, not the easiest way. Again, it’s natural to look for the easy way to do something but that’s what your competitor is doing, so be different.  Stay fresh by changing regularly and stay motivated by knowing you’re doing what your competitor isn’t doing. Besides, routines often become ruts. They are just a grave with both ends knocked out, you can move back and forth but you’re already dead. Change will keep you motivated because change isn’t painful, resistance to change is what causes pain. In fact, if you stay out of ruts and embrace change, you’ll pay more attention and notice new opportunities to make customers.

Change Your Aggressiveness

This isn’t what you think it is…Most salespeople are people pleasers who want to be liked and accepted. Don’t let being liked and accepted keep you from being aggressive. Make a commitment to yourself to be more aggressive by focusing on helping people as if they were your friends. With friends, you trust your instincts, pay attention and know when they need help. When friends need help you don’t stop asking or trying to help them until you succeed. So, change your focus from being an aggressive salesperson to being and aggressive helper. Challenge yourself to make at least one prospect each month tell you to back off…It won’t happen because you’ll be paying attention and back off before they ask, just like you do with a friend when you start to irritate them. Make the attempt to push beyond your comfort level, ask how you can help, ask to do business with them even when you feel uncomfortable doing it. Be assertive and aggressive in attempting to be of help. You can always apologize and start over and this will make you different from your competitors.

You’ll have to be different to get different results…Nothing will improve until you do!

By Mike Moore

  1. Mike,

    This is really well done. All three points are good ones and well laid out. I like the last one the best though…

    Joe Winpisinger

  2. Very Practical to be implemented, Cheers Mike !!!

  3. James says:

    Good tips…perhaps covered in other tips, Self Evaluation. We need to truly know what we do so that we can make a genuine change. If we have the guts…ask … Ask current clients. Find out from them what sounds like a trait of every other sales person, and what makes you unique enough to buy from.

  4. Mike,
    I enjoy all your posts. Today’s especially! It caught my eye and made me laugh out loud. I agree with one of the other comments that #3 is my fave. You are so right about treating customers or prospects like friends. We do this at Felt and it makes all the difference. We don’t work with or seek out people that we don’t like or wouldn’t be friends with on some level.

    I approach it this way…it’s like dating…you’re not going to attract someone whose the right fit it you’re needy. The same attributes that are appealing in dating are so in business: confidence, charm, good honest communication, sense of humor and being “interested” in the other person. All these attributes are what make you “interesting”.

  5. avi142 says:

    Hello Mike… The second point change your routines is really a strong point for sales people. I would love to be in touch with you.

  6. Chad G. Ames says:

    Thanks for the tips Mike. I have a sales trip next week in MN. Your comments really got me thinking how I can change my approach from what my competitors are doing. Thanks again.

  7. Enjoyed your post, how can I receive them in my email, I would love to share your wisdom with my staff.

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