What time does your model home, sales office or store close? What’s your first thought when someone walks in 10 minutes before closing? Be honest…Most salespeople think, “Not now! I’ve been here all day”. This is just one of the ways you take the wrong time off.

It’s easy to let your mind begin to wonder as the clock ticks down to closing time. In fact, too many salespeople take the last 20 minutes of each day off. Oh, the doors are open but no one is home. When someone does come in, they aren’t given your full attention or best effort. Like athletes who take plays off by coasting during a game, this costs salespeople and their companies money and reputation which effects future sales.

Sales is a numbers game all right, but not the numbers you’re thinking of. It’s a matter of time. It’s the numbers on the clock that count the most. When you take 20 minutes off mentally each day by not paying attention or giving your best effort, it adds up quickly. Twenty minutes per day equals 1 hour and 40 minutes each week. This adds up to over 2 weeks off per year. In reality, salespeople take entire days off if they aren’t coached up and mentally ready to perform. Lots of things can cause this.  Personal distraction, personal problems and difficult customers who cause problems can all be excuses to take time off. These are all distractions that can cause salespeople to take time off even when the doors are open. Little bits of time add up over the months and years to sabotage your results.

The reality is, it’s worse than just lost time. In a performance business like sales, it’s usually the last 5% of your effort that separates average performance from peak performance. It’s the consistent last little effort that produces the biggest results. So, 20 minutes per day or the 2 extra weeks off during the year costs you sales, customers, money, and the costs are multiplied because you are actually taking the last 5% of time off.

If you don’t believe me, try working 5 minutes beyond closing each day. Don’t schedule personal appointments until at least 1 hour after your closing time and don’t take the 2 or 3 days off mentally before your vacation starts, just because you don’t want to start something you can’t finish. These are all excuses that make the numbers and time work against you as a salesperson.

Successful salespeople have the self-discipline to not take the wrong time off. Top sales leaders understand that this makes salespeople produce average or below average results. They watch for this and teach salespeople the importance of leveraging their time and the power of the last 5% of their effort.

By Mike Moore

  1. Great message, Mike! I used to be a stylist/manager, and I can’t tell you how many times I had to squeeze in a client at the last minute. It’s incredibly important for anyone in sales to remember that the customer is the reason they’re business is thriving – that’s if it is thriving. And if it isn’t thriving, then, not putting them first is more than likely the reason why. Thanks for always providing awesome sales tips, my friend. This was an excellent read.

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