Consumers are retracting from salespeople more today than ever. They don’t believe salespeople because they believe salespeople only want to sell them something.

Salespeople go to work everyday to make sales and sales managers and companies apply pressure on salespeople to make sales. So, most salespeople start with the same intention and this causes them to behave so similarly that it’s hard to tell them apart. This intention to make a sale is sabotaging sales and chasing consumers away. It’s this intention that makes salespeople needy, desperate and unattractive. New intentions that lead to new behavior are necessary to overcome consumers preconceived beliefs, change this relationship and increase sales.

To be different, think different. Start at the core to change your sales engagement with consumers. If you want to create bold new results from your sales efforts, shift your intentions.

Make this your mantra, focus, purpose, belief system…YOUR INTENTIONS… and watch your sales soar.

I will serve you, not please you. I will help you, not tell you.

I will care more about your reasons for buying, than my reasons for selling.

I will  focus on your ownership experience, not your buying experience.

I will always do what’s best for you.

I will work to make you a customer, not a sale!

By Mike Moore

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