Effective Sales Training…A Subtle, Powerful Shift Holds The Key

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Making Customers
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Traditional Sales Training...Tactics and Strategy

Every business wants to increase sales…If you’re serious and have been trying everything you can think of without much real success, then it’s time to do something different to increase sales. Now, and in the future, you’ll need a subtle but powerful shift in your sales philosophy and training. The key is found in your sales intentions, not in your sales skills.

People have taught ‘attitude is everything’ for many years without changing the core attitude or sales philosophy and because of this sales training has been losing it’s effectiveness. In fact, the core philosophy and attitude taught and spread in most sales training has caused the dysfunctional relationship between consumers and salespeople, or buyers and sellers. This current relationship sabotages the best efforts of companies and salespeople today.

The good news is this dysfunctional relationship can be healed and the traditional sales training you’ve done can still be beneficial. The tactics and strategies taught in most sales courses are fine, but when executed with the traditional intention to make a sale, aren’t effective. So, you haven’t been wasting your time or money on this type of sales training but you can’t just keep doing it without a shift in intentions and expect things to improve. The reality is, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing things will keep getting worse.

The solution is actually simple, although it’s not easy!  The solution must be taught, practiced and applied daily to activate the sales skills that have been taught for the past 30 years. The new intentions that can make this happen must also be reinforced by management. You can’t just try harder, you have to make a shift in intentions to make your past sales training work effectively to increase sales.

Traditional sales training, teaching a salesperson what to say and how to handle selling situations, with the core focus of making a sale, is the leading cause of the dysfunction that exists in this most important business relationship…the one between a salesperson and a consumer. The dysfunction has grown to the point that most consumers today do not believe, trust or even want to talk to a salesperson. The latest studies show most consumers believe salespeople’s main concern is the transaction, aka “closing sales” and this causes consumers to attempt to avoid salespeople. It’s also assisting online retailers in their efforts to replace the traditional retail experience. If no change to this face-to-face relationship happens, traditional selling will become extinct.

Traditional sales training has fallen short because it leaves out how a consumer or buyer connects and communicates with a salesperson. It ignores what motivates them to engage a salesperson. We have a standoff today because no matter what you try to say to a consumer, if they won’t open up and participate in the sales process, everyone loses, especially the consumer and fewer sales are “closed”. Sales training has to teach and change more than what a salesperson says to a consumer. It has to change the relationship. New intentions training is needed to successfully make this change.

Teaching business leaders, sales management and salespeople new sales intentions, changes the consumers perception, connection and communication at a non-verbal level. Only then, will consumers begin to trust salespeople, open up, share and allow salespeople to better serve them, resulting in increased sales.

Business is at a crossroads!  This relationship is the tipping point.  New intentions have the power to change the communication with consumers, heal this relationship and establish a successful ‘new economy’.

More training is definitely needed, but not more traditional sales training without new intentions. Traditional sales training won’t produce the results needed to improve a businesses ROI on it’s training investment or grow the business. New intentions training will, so it’s the best step to success.

To find out how to make the shift and start healing the relationship, contact me at mmoore@makingcustomers.com.

By Mike Moore

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