I received a question today from one of the attendees at a ‘Making Customers…The Sales Journey’ event and thought it would help many of you who are struggling to make the transition to selling in the ‘new economy’ or want to do more business and be more successful.

The Question…

In the training, you made the analogy that ‘creating a customer’ is like being the ‘guide on a safari’. Are there any tips you can give to help me identify whether or not we are the “guide on the safari” or the prospect is the one “taking us for the ride”?

The Answer…

1) Be mindful that they choose you to be their guide. It’s not up to you but based on your attitude, actions and skills…’your behavior’. Most importantly, all of these are driven by your intentions. Once they do choose you, you’ll have to keep earning their trust and confidence by being a ‘good guide’ that puts their issues before yours. If your intention is to sell them, they won’t trust you enough to allow you to guide them. If you intention is to guide them to what’s best for them…they’ll allow you the privilege of being their guide.

2) How do you know you are the guide…Trust your instincts on this level…Are they following your instructions, advice and direction? Listen, watch and feel for any sign they aren’t moving with you and…

3) When they aren’t moving with you, you have to reconnect…You reconnect by asking what’s wrong or where you got off course to uncover why you lost them and get back on their journey…Why are we not moving in the same direction. Remember it’s about serving not pleasing…it’s about their issues and next step, not yours.

4) Remember, sometimes you aren’t the right guide for them but that should never be more than 15% to 20% of the time…80% to 85% of the people you have an opportunity to do business can and will choose you as their guide if you make their ‘why they’ll buy’ more important than yours (making a sale).

5) It’s imperative to understand you’ll only know their ‘why they’ll buy’ and be able to guide them if you stay connected, communicate openly and honestly and align your intention with theirs…They won’t open up and share if they don’t trust your intentions and you do that by making sure you align your intentions with theirs.

6) Like the guide on a safari…it’s your job to guide them on their journey to see, experience and end up at the final destination they want…When it isn’t going that way, engage them as to why you aren’t on the same page…remind them you’re their to help…but it’s got to be more than words, it has to be your real intention to help, serve and do what’s best for them. If their intention isn’t to have a guide, then you won’t do business together that’s mutually beneficial.

7) If you are moving in the same direction, on the same page (it’s not always a smooth journey, but you keep coming back to the same page each time it feels like you aren’t). When you are connected and are their chosen trusted guide they’ll become a customer, not just a sale…and customers sustain and grow your business.

By Mike Moore

  1. tom Spicci says:


    Thank you for your insightful thoughts. Your comments are a great reminder of how we, as New Homes Sale People, need to treat our customers.

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