Over the years, lots of debate has taken place over whether salespeople are born or are created. New studies and tests to help hire the right person who has the right personality, mind-set or traits to be a successful salesperson have evolved. The biggest hurdle for all these tests and programs today is that the profession of sales is changing during this transitional economy leading to a ‘new economy’. That said, it really hasn’t changed. What it’s doing is retuning to what the profession of sales was intended to be…service and help for buyers. When who you hire is based on the traits of salespeople from the sales model used for the past 30 to 40 years, it can lead to more of the same that we are now experiencing. The past 30 to 40 years have taken us down a road filled with unintended  consequences. Today, consumers or buyers don’t trust or believe salespeople and salespeople don’t trust consumers or buyers.

Becoming a successful salesperson requires three things, top quality attitudes, skills and actions. Then all three must be put to use in the right sales environment. What sales leaders, executives and sales managers ask their salespeople to do each day creates the companies sales environment or culture.

When you acknowledge  that attitudes are instilled and managed, skills are taught and coached, actions are planned, executed and measured, it becomes obvious that the profession of sales is learned. This means it has to be taught and top salespeople are created, not born. More to the point, top salespeople are raised so sales leadership and management is really sales parenting!

This makes it obvious, it’s more than just teaching and learning that make top salespeople. The profession of sales is a performance art.  In fact, I believe it’s the most personal one-on-one or small group performing art.  Top salespeople then, like top athletes, actors and musicians, require ongoing teaching, motivation, inspiration, coaching, leadership and direction to achieve and maintain sales success. A companies sales success is based on who’s doing all this work with their salespeople. Most sales executives and management positions are filled with more sales administration than all these tasks that generate the greatest return on invested time and energy. The missing link is sales management. The answer to the question, ‘Who’s teaching, motivating, coaching and inspiring a companies sales management?’, is the real solution to sales success.

Everything that makes top quality salespeople can be learned by salespeople without their company providing any help. That’s just not smart business to leave it up to salespeople to make themselves do the things they don’t want to do, to become the salesperson that will make a business successful.  All too often this is what happens. It results in many companies having salesforce’s where the majority of their sales are generated by a minority of their salespeople.

The missing link  in creating salespeople’s success and ultimately a companies growth and sustained excellence, is sales coaching, motivation, inspiration, management, leadership and the sales environment. Sales training alone usually only impacts the salespeople who would learn on their own and often creates very little results. If you are to raise top quality salespeople, then teaching, coaching, inspiration, motivation, leadership and environment have to all be managed.

Then after they are raised, they have to be led, coached and managed daily. The missing link is most often top quality sales leadership, management and coaching! 

Coming soonWhat it takes to create top quality sales managers, coaches, motivators and sales environments.

By Mike Moore

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