We have radically changed, even revolutionized, most business processes over the past 30 years but left the sales process alone and watched as it damaged the buyer and seller relationship. It is the most important relationship any business can cultivate. The relationship needed to grow healthy, profitable businesses. It’s time to change our intentions, update the sales process to heal the dysfunctional buyer and seller relationship.

Consumers are ready! They tell us by their behavior everyday that they want salespeople and companies to change. Everyone I speak to, even salespeople, admit as consumers they don’t want to talk to a salesperson whose intentions are to sell them something. In survey after survey consumers say they want help from salespeople but don’t feel they get it.

Salespeople tell us they are ready. In fact, they are weary from the daily grind of trying to sell everyone they talk to. When salespeople experience the freedom from the oppression of traditional selling intentions and the burden of the expectation to sell everyone they talk to, their sales increase and they make customers.

Sales managers are ready. When they implement a sales strategy and train salespeople to find the people who want what they are selling, instead of trying to teach them what to say, to sell everyone they talk to, they become revolutionary sales leaders.  They become sales managers who make a real difference to their salespeople, companies and consumers by increasing sales, creating growth and customer loyalty.

For years, companies have asked their salespeople to go get orders and then complain that their salespeople have become order takers.  Most companies and sales executives resist changing their sales intentions and process even though it  has sabotaged the buyer and seller relationship. Today’s sales process is flawed because  it keeps salespeople’s focus on, “How many orders did you write today?” Then, when orders slow down, they increase the pressure on their sales managers and salespeople to go get orders. It’s this traditional sales behavior that has create the intentions that generate the behavior that’s brought us to the brink of disaster, created the dysfuctional relationship between buyers and sellers and made companies ready for “The Sales Revolution”.

Most executives and sales managers agree they need to improve the sales profession.  Many agree it is time for a change. These same executives and sales managers know they need to train their salespeople but either continue to use the traditional methods or cut training budgets because of the frustration of not being able to measure the results.

It isn’t easy to acknowledge something you have been doing for a long time is wrong, but you cannot fix what you don’t acknowledge. Real transformational change will take a revolution. The status quo and established traditions must be overthrown to heal the dysfunctional buyer and seller relationship and generate new improved results.

Make no mistake! This will be a battle with the establishment, as all revolutions or transformations are. New thinking is needed and most people won’t lead.  They will follow the committed few who move forward without fear or doubt to establish the new sales intentions and process needed today to serve people or become casualties of “The Sales Revolution”.

If you are in a leadership position today, it’s time to decide if you will lead or follow. Before you decide, think about the consequences. The danger in following is that there are casualties in every revolution. When the new intentions and sales process are established, if you waited, will you still be in your position or will you be a casualty of “The Sales Revolution”? Are you willing to take that risk or do you want to experience the freedom and reward of being a leader in “The Sales Revolution”?

Like most revolutions, “The Sales Revolution” starts with a vision of something better and is carried forward by a few committed people who share the vision and know it’s time for a change. Revolutionaries are people convinced if they keep doing what they’ve been doing things will not improve. A revolution is led by people who are willing to face off with the establishment to improve things for everyone. It happens when it cannot be stopped because everyone is ready.

“The Sales Revolution” has begun and it’s leaders draw courage from the words of Albert Einstein,”Great spirits have always met violent opposition from mediocre minds”. The question is, “Will you be a great spirit?”

By Mike Moore

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