It’s a ‘New Economy’…Stop Waiting for the Recovery!

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Making Customers
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If you’ve been focused on reducing costs, trying harder than ever to make more sales and waiting for the economy to recover you’re in for a harsh awakening. If you’ve been saying, “We just need to hold on until the economy recovers”…Stop!

We are not in a recession, we are not in a downturn…We are in a ‘new economy’! Business will not be done successfully as it was in the past…things won’t just return to the good old days.

We cannot market a great story and then deliver an average buying and ownership experience. In this ‘new economy’ our marketing message is written and spread by our customers and if their ownership experience is average our marketing message will be average, nonexistent or negative.

In 1954 Peter Drucker said, “The purpose of business is to create a customer.” This has never been more true, needed or obvious than it is in the ‘new economy’.

It’s time to get real with consumers!  A successful ‘new economy’ demands that we trust and respect the consumer’s intelligence!  I didn’t say, make them “always right”, which was foolish and didn’t work! That was the old philosophy of making sales and then doing whatever the customer wants to make them happy…That was customer service after the sale and it doesn’t make customers and it won’t make your ‘new economy’  successful.  Oh, and we can’t just rename our customer service department either.  We can’t make customers from sales often enough to grow business and create a successful ‘new economy’ because they don’t ever get over the first impression that we just want to sell them something.

A successful ‘new economy’ will be built one customer at a time and must start by making them a customer not a sale. Customer service starts at hello and is your sales process in the ‘new economy’!

Customers are advocates for your business, they market your business, they are repeat buyers and they bring new customers to your business. If you want customers then start with that in mind…Don’t try to sell people!  Start by trying to make them a customer.  You’ll increase sales immediately by making customers. You’ll make customers with new intentions to help, serve and to do what’s best for them…No I didn’t say whatever they want…That doesn’t work. In fact, it’s made things worse and added to the dysfunctional relationship between salespeople and consumers that exists today.

Armed with new intentions you’ll create a new engagement and dialogue with consumers that will result in a healthy relationship and make customers. This is the foundation for a successful ‘new economy’!

When you make customers your marketing message will be strong, sales will increase and your business will grow in the ‘new economy’!

By Mike Moore

  1. JO-ANNE says:

    Mike – I didn’t realize you wrote a blog. This is great – very interesting! I’ll keep reading your posts. They’re well written, short and concise. Thanks! PS – since WordPress is free (and amazing!!!), did you know you can add t directly to your won site? use a theme etc. Ours is in the works, but should be viewable at

  2. Ken Young says:

    Great point and one that many companies do a very poor job at. I do not go back to a place that treats me as an inconvenience rather than a valued customer.

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