Having a ‘Quality’ Conversation…Part 1

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Making Customers
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The following is an article that was written by Kirk Chittick for “The Home Front Magazine” in response to the question – “To sell successfully in today’s market, how do sales professionals create a quality conversation with prospective buyers?”

Every sales person wants to have a quality conversation. But how do you define quality? Does quality mean an exchange of information so I can help them, or so I can sell them? We all know that most communication is non-verbal. The words are only a small part of the overall conversation. 93% of the conversation is body language, tone of voice and facial expression. 93% is our intentions. 93% is our dominant thought. The unspoken 93%.

How many times have you asked a friend how they were doing, they said fine and you didn’t believe them? Why not? They said the right words. Yet you know they aren’t fine. Their tone of voice, body language and facial expressions all betray their words. And so it is with salespeople. When your goal is only a sale, regardless of the customer’s wants and needs, your 93% unspoken salesperson language virus is repelling the buyer.

People don’t want to be sold. They want help so they can make the decision that is best for them. Studies confirm this repeatedly. Yet recently salespeople have been told the worst thing they can do in a sales office is ask “Can I help you?” Really? People want help and yet salespeople are told not to ask people if they can help them. Why is that? It can only be because salespeople are not believed. Our 93% repellant virus.

How many of you get frustrated when someone walks in the sales office door and the buyers go directly to the temp or assistant? Why do they do that? They instinctively know the assistant wants to help and you want to sell. The 93% repellant virus seen and verified in the actions of our buyers.

The good news is salespeople can cure the virus. They can take the antidote every day. The potion that attracts. Change your intention. Change your dominant thought. Instead of going to work thinking about who you can sell, think about who you can help. You don’t sell everybody anyway. What is your conversion ratio? But you can help everybody. In some way, shape or form, you can help everybody who walks through your door. So now, if your dominant thought and intention really is to help people, when someone walks through the door you can ask what you can do to help them and it is meaningful. You may have to repeat yourself and say “No, really, how can I help you” but they will soon know you are sincere. The words won’t change. The result will because you now mean what you say. Your words match the unspoken 93% and are sincere, not a tool to get what you want.

Changing your intention is easy, but requires constant attention. It is so easy to fall back into sell, capture, close mode. The attraction potion needs to be mentally applied daily and then refreshed often throughout the day. If we don’t the repellant virus will emerge and we will fall back into our old, frustrating behavior. Think about a time you were frustrated as a salesperson. Sales were few and far between. Management was on your back. Pressure was rising. So you had finally given up. You said forget it, I’m just going to go have fun today. How did that day go? If you are like most salespeople, that was one of your best days. Good engagement. Good interaction. Responsive buyers. Why? Your intention was to have fun and people sensed that as your 93% unspoken non-verbal message and wanted to engage you. It was probably also a good sales day too.

Every day can be like that day! If you put on your potion. Yes, there will always be the exceptions. The people who won’t connect, seem to have their own agenda, and have some other issue that won’t let you help. But if your goal is to help, then you realize that helping them, in this rare instance, means leaving them alone and you can quickly move on to the next buyer who will engage.

That good sales day is the ultimate goal of making customers. Through helping –you generate more sales to more qualified buyers at higher prices. It works. It has been tested over the last 25 years and proven time and time again. Change your intentions and you change your results.

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By Kirk Chittick

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