Understanding that our intentions create our expectations, thoughts, feelings and behaviors that communicate non-verbally is the key to improving communication between salespeople and consumers. And improving communication between salespeople and consumers to heal this dysfunctional relationship is the key in this “New Economy” we are now faced with. Business and the economy won’t improve by just waiting for it to come back…new intentions are needed to start a real recovery or create a successful new normal.

So let’s get started now!

How do people communicate?  Non-verbally mostly…micro expressions, memetics, personality types, learning styles, neurolinguistic programming and noetic sciences are more of an influence than the words we use. People feel what we feel and know what we believe before we start talking.

Changing intentions is at the core of a new sales strategy that can heal the dysfunctional relationship between salespeople and consumers and result in increased sales and steady business growth. Changing your intentions is the best way to change your results.

Traditional sales training teaches salespeople what to say to motivate or manipulate people to buy their products or services using the right phrases. It places the focus on the sale rather than the customer.  It maps the steps of a quality sales presentation and teaches salespeople to repeat these steps over and over on everyone they attempt to sell.  This is how critical path selling and even relationship selling systems are created.

The path a selling conversation takes is fairly consistent; however it happens when intentions are correct on the part of the seller and aligned with the buyer. When we attempt to follow the steps of a sale rather than engage the person with proper intentions, they won’t participate enough to follow along with these steps.  In the end, it won’t matter how adept you are in traditional selling skills if the consumer won’t engage, you won’t get to use your skills.

The traditional sales path has resulted in a broken relationship between buyers and sellers. Today, buyers don’t want to talk to salespeople unless they have to and hope that salespeople will just stay out of their way.  When the business environment gets difficult, as we see today, business retreats to what used to work as a first response to a turn down in sales.

Everyday I hear someone say we need to get back to basics, while they increase the pressure to make sales on their sales management and salespeople.  They demand orders and talk of going back to basics as a solution to the low sales they are producing. They increase costs in advertising and incentives and the relationship between buyers and sellers continues to grow worse in this environment.

When the economy comes back, as it surely will, it will be different than before it collapsed and this relationship will be more strained and damaged than ever.  If you want to change this relationship and reap the rewards of making customers you will need an attitude makeover to adjust intentions to heal the relationship with your buyer and make them customers.

Making Customers was born after years of training salespeople and listening to their excuses of why the training didn’t work.  They always explained that either people wouldn’t let them go though the steps or wouldn’t talk to them at all.  The problem lies in the focus being on the sales process and not on the engagement of people to serve them. This is main difference between training salespeople to engage people in a sales conversation and training anyone else how to do their job.

Training is usually about how to do a process better how to improve how you work.  Making Customers is about how to engage people to help them get what they want and builds the trust necessary to create real dialogue. A business or salespersons intentions can’t be hidden, they are felt and communicated in everything they do, in every seemingly insignificant movement, sound and thought. This is why you can’t, “Fake it till you make it”, in business or the profession of sales.

Remember people know what your intentions are because they speak louder than words!

New expectations, new intentions and new attitudes create new relationships and produce new results.

“The New Economy” has made it time for real change and new intentions are the best response to today’s challenges. Stop waiting for things to get better, take actions and make the changes necessary to make things better now!

By Mike Moore

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