To “close” more sales today, and in the future, we need a fundamental shift in sales training to create a shift in salespeople’s intentions. 

Traditional sales training, teaching salespeople what to say and how to handle selling situations with the intention to sell has helped create the relationship that now exists between salespeople and consumers. Most consumers today do not believe, trust or even want to talk to salespeople. The latest studies show most consumers believe salespeople’s main concern is the transaction, aka “closing sales” and this causes consumers to want to avoid salespeople..

Traditional sales training falls short because it leaves out how the consumer communicates with salespeople and what motivates them to engage salespeople. We have a standoff today because no matter what you try to say to a consumer, if they won’t open up and participate in the sales process, everyone loses, especially the consumer and fewer sales are “closed”. Sales training has to teach and change more than what a salesperson says to a consumer.

New intentions training is needed to change the dysfunctional relationship between salespeople and consumers. Teaching leadership, sales management and salespeople new sales intentions will change the communication with the consumer at a non-verbal level. Only then will consumers begin to trust salespeople, open up, share and allow salespeople to better serve them and more sales will be, “closed”.

We are at a critical point in the buyer/seller relationship.  To make a positive change, training should include executives, sales management and salespeople, who all need new intentions to change the communication with consumers, heal this relationship and see an increase in sales as a result.

More training is definitely needed but not more of the same that helped create the consumer and salesperson relationship that exists today. Traditional sales training won’t get the ROI needed to motivate businesses to invest and keep investing to get real results.

By Mike Moore

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