Lessons Learned From My Father and John Wooden

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Making Customers
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My father, Charles Moore, was a coach, a leader and a teacher. I was fortunate to have him teach me. He spent most of my childhood, teenage and early adult years preparing me to be a coach. I chose to go into business. The business of sales and found that all he had taught me applied to coaching salespeople. I found that salespeople were performing artists just like the athletes he had prepared me to coach. After years of using all I had learned to lead and manage salespeople I began speaking, teaching and training others to do what my father had taught me. My father exposed me to many of the great coaches of the past 50 years. Along with my father the most influential of those great coaches was and always will be John Wooden.

In 1996 I was blessed to spend time with coach John Wooden discussing coaching, leadership and winning. Coach graciously spent hours at his home in Encino sharing his wisdom, insights and talking about how leaders should view winning, losing and life.

I lost my father in 1992 and Coach Wooden this past week. Both are great losses to me because I was fortunate to have been taught by both of them. There influence and impact on me and many others is their legacy and the reason they will never be forgotten. I miss them and can best pay tribute to them by passing on what they taught me. The lessons I learned from my father and John Wooden have served me well. The following are some of the highlights. Study them, learn them and they will serve you!

The art of coaching, teaching and managing is the art of leadership.

Leadership can be taught, learned and improved.

Most managers and coaches sabotage the results they want by trying to manage the results.

When you manage results you’re too late to lead.

Results, the score and winning, can’t be managed.

Results, the score and winning come from the intentions, attitudes, skills and actions that were present long before the results.

Intention, attitudes, behavior and skills can be taught and managed through preparation.

Winning will take care of itself when leaders manage the things that create the score.

In a locker room, boardroom, sales office or any group you can hear, smell and feel the attitudes of the people and tell if they are ready to perform.

Leaders lift people to accomplish beyond their own expectations by raising their expectations through preparations.

Standards are the lowest attitude and behavior acceptable.

The standards define who you are as a leader.

Leaders set and maintain the standards.

Leaders never compromise the standards.

Leader’s help people grow and become their best by working with them to get them to do the things they don’t want to do, that will create the results they want.

Leaders manage people’s intentions, attitudes and dominant thoughts that create the behavior that produces the results.

Leaders pay attention, listen and manage the atmosphere…the air!

In the absence of leadership, mediocrity will lead and failure is assured.

By Mike Moore

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