Consumers don’t want to talk to salespeople; executives complain that their salespeople are just order takers and salespeople are heard calling buyers liars…so it’s way past the time to make changes and heal the dysfunctional consumer and salesperson relationship.

No, you don’t need new salespeople. The ones you have can change but they won’t if you keep doing what you’ve been doing. Keep hiring, training and managing the way you and your competitors always have and the relationship between your salespeople and consumers will remain the same. Your cost of sales will continue to rise and your sales will remain stagnant or diminish.

You need a new sales process and it starts with changing your sales intentions. From the CEO to CFO, from the President and Management, you need to implement a new sales strategy. Making Customers teaches the new sales strategy that will heal the broken relationship that exists between consumers and salespeople to improve your sales.

If you’ve tried training your sales staff with little or no change in their attitudes, skills, actions or results, then it’s time to stop training and start changing. Stop selling and start Making Customers.

I have said many times, “The people your salespeople communicate with feel what they feel, are moved by what they believe and know their intentions before they speak and as a conversation takes place. Most salespeople don’t need very many new skills they need new intentions to allow them to use their skills.” New attitudes that will generate new behavior and create improved results!

I started, “The Sales Revolution” to encourage sales executives to embrace the change needed to make a real difference in the profession of sale. Join me on LinkedIn and Facebook or contact me to start your own revolution for change that will improve your results!

By Mike Moore

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