People communicate in many ways. Most communication is truly amazing.  When you interact with other people you can tell if they are happy, sad or angry without a word being spoken.  We know when our friends, family or co-workers aren’t feeling like themselves or something is bothering them.  Our emotions and thoughts can be felt by those around us even when we try to hide them. We can feel how someone else feels and know what they are thinking even before they speak.  This is no different for consumers.

We are finding out more everyday about non-verbal communication.  Pre-conscious communication, our intuition, micro expressions and neuro linguistic programming are just a few of the sciences we are exploring to improve our understanding of how we communicate.  We know enough about how we communicate to know we can’t hide how we feel, what we believe or our intentions from the people we meet and communicate with everyday.  We know that people only open up and speak freely with someone they believe cares about them.

Traditional sales training has tried to teach what to say to people to convince them to buy products. The traditional sales process teaches salespeople to try to sell everyone they meet.  This has been a recipe for failure that created the broken relationship we are experiencing between salespeople and consumers.

We know that consumers won’t engage salespeople because they know salespeople have selfish intentions.  It won’t matter if your salespeople know what to say if consumers won’t talk to them.

Making Customers is a new sales strategy that teaches intentions change that creates a new sales process.  We believe in using live video coaching to reinforce these changes.  We use live video of real engagements between consumers and salespeople as a coaching and self-improvement tool just as athletes and other performing artist.   It is time for the profession of selling to grow up, be accountable and start performing to best serve consumers.  This is the recipe for success.

By Mike Moore

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