The relationship between consumers and salespeople has reached a critical tipping point.  For many years, businesses have worked hard to reduce costs in operations but ignored or accepted the cost of sales as fixed or rising.  The back- to -basics solution seems to be more advertising and more marketing to create more opportunities to make sales.

This traditional philosophy continues to drive up the pressure on sales management and salespeople to make sales.  This pressure to make sales is the reason for the broken relationship between salespeople and consumers.  In a tough market, the dominate message of businesses and sales trainers has been to go back to good old fashioned sales skills. Their message of the day is, “Let’s get back to what worked before”.  Ask yourself, “How’s that working?”

It’s good old fashioned sales skills, practiced with more pressure to sell, that will continue to threaten the relationship we need to heal.  Changing the selling environment by changing the intentions of executives, sales management and salespeople can create a new relationship between consumers and salespeople.  We can create a relationship where consumers believe salespeople when they say, “Can I help you?”   Think about the fact that today traditional sales trainers teach salespeople not to ask this question when greeting a consumer.  This is only true because salespeople don’t mean it and consumers know they don’t mean it.  This should be enough proof to all of us in business, sales management and sales, that it’s time to make a change.

It’s time to do something that will make people believe businesses and salespeople care about customers.  It’s time to put customers first in our businesses.  It’s time for everyone who created this existing relationship to take responsibility and change their intentions.  Changing your intentions to Making Customers will result in increased sales, profits and the growth of your business.

By Mike Moore

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