Vision…Leading With Intelligent Intuition

Posted: August 23, 2009 in Making Customers
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Most of us wonder what the future holds…You know, “What’s next?”  A vision of the future often comes down to taking the time to be present and pay attention to the world around you.  Social issues, current business trends, new technologies, the latest science, health care, entertainment and fashion actually combined to give us clues.  Paying attention to the world around you will give you intuition that you can trust.  The answer to, “What’s next?”, is available if you ask yourself and pay attention.

Don’t get so busy, or caught in ruts and routines, that make you unaware of what’s happening in the world around you.  If you do, you will be left with only the ability to react, rather than the opportunity to plan your next steps with insight and intelligent intuition.

Early in my career I didn’t think of myself as creative. My self-image was more of a blue color, hardworking person who would get the job done.  It wasn’t until others began to point out the creative things I was doing to get the job done that I accepted my own creativity.  I realized I was actively asking myself, “What’s next?”, and looking for answers.

I then began a daily routine of studying and reading about technology, science, medicine, fashion, entertainment and communication, with my mind on how it would affect our lives.  Combining history, social issues and personal communication with what I understood about business, teams and coaching is the foundation for all my programs and speaking.  It’s funny how interesting the world gets when you become aware how connected we all are and this becomes truer as the world shrinks through online information, connections and social networks.

As I studied the world around me it was obvious our society was becoming overly focused on results and this led me to begin speaking about personal responsibility and develop my first life lesson course, “Life and Other Tough Assignments”.  Then I had another idea.  I called Coach John Wooden to discuss winning, life and coaching. He agreed to meet with me and share his thoughts.  We talked for several hours on two occasions and shared our ideas on teaching, coaching and winning.  His influence and input has been invaluable to me personally and professionally and the conversations with Coach Wooden confirmed my thoughts on what was needed next in business and life.

I wanted to develop a course which would help people refocus their intentions and created, “When Winning Isn’t Everything”. This course for changing intentions, personal score keeping and ultimately a better way to create lasting results and a whole life experience is at the core of all my programs.

I was and will always be blessed that he took the time to meet with me, share his thoughts and have the conversations that helped confirm to me that business needed more of these philosophies today. It is time to stop looking at the scoreboard and start playing the game of business and life to its fullest.

What’s next?  A time of great opportunity for everyone who is willing to trust that personal responsibility, choosing to care about people and serving people rather than pleasing them will ultimately create the best results in business and the best life.  It’s time to realize there is a higher purpose to business than profits and have faith that executing that higher purpose is good business.

By Mike Moore

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