Philosophical Hard Work

Posted: August 3, 2009 in Making Customers
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One of the definitions of philosophy is “the sum of the ideas and convictions of an individual or group.” What is your company’s philosophy? Does everyone involved act it out in day to day interactions? That philosophy may not be articulated orally, written down and distributed in an employee manual, or even discussed in the boardroom, but by their actions, interactions and decision making, every company defines their philosophy.

At Making Customers, we believe that it is possible to have alignment between the often conflicting forces of profit, customer service and cost effective operational efficiency. In fact, we believe that only if these are aligned will any company reach its full potential with regards to employee and customer satisfaction, being well run and operating with above average profitability. It’s not easy, but then everything we have of true worth and value is the direct result of difficult, strenuous, hard work.

Your company will be defined, either by accident or on purpose. You have ideas on how things should integrate –but often the distractions and processes of the day to day activities of business scuttle the planning and implementation of higher goals and objectives. Making Customers can get you through that alignment process and put into place intentions and attitudes that lead to the procedures to ensure your company’s philosophy will be what you intended it to be.

By Kirk Chittick

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