When do you need to perform your best?  If you thought, when things are most difficult, then you’re right.  The ability to perform well when your best is needed makes you a clutch performer and a great competitor.   Average people become frantic crumble or are paralyzed to act when things get difficult.  Your ability to perform at your peak, to be at your best when it’s needed, takes practice, preparation and leadership, mentoring and coaching.

If you respond to perceived pressure with anxiety and fear, then new attitudes, thoughts and intentions will be required to start acting and creating the results you are capable of achieving. This often demands coaching, motivation and inspiration. For those who think motivation and inspiration fades or goes away, Zig Ziglar has the best response, “So does bathing, but you wouldn’t stop bathing because the effects of the last one wore off.”

Vince Lombardi, the great NFL coach of the Green Bay Packers said, “The toughest thing I do is getting them ready to play each week”. He wasn’t talking about the game plan; he was talking about motivating professionals to perform to their peak. Business people need leaders and coaches to be their best.

Coaching, motivation and inspiration are just as important a part of peak performance as the repetition of practice.  We often tire of those who try to motivate us and their impact can diminish.  Real motivation comes from within but can be taught and stirred by a leader, coach or mentor.   The greatest coaches can’t put a program or game plan in place and then leave the person or team they are coaching.  Their influence is felt by their presence, which plays a part in the results the person or team produces.

Learning would be another example of something you must keep doing or the effects wear off.  Coach Wooden taught that, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts and when you’re through learning, you’re through”. Stop learning and you will start failing in all areas of your life. Recent medical studies even support the theory that when you stop learning the aging process speeds up.  Anything that slows down the aging process is a good thing. So if you want to be vibrant and productive as the years go by, keep learning and growing. After all, life is about being your best and increasing your abilities each day.

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